Dec 16 2021

Policy Day

Discuss strategies, scenarios & policies of Open Science and Innovation

Welcome and introduction to the Policy Day

Dr. Volker Meyer-Guckel, Deputy General Secretary of Stifterverband
Marte Sybil Kessler, Director of innOsci Forum for Open Innovation Culture

Keynote „How to Govern the Unknown Unknowns"

Prof. Geoff Mulgan, Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social
Innovation University College London & Senior Advisor The New Institute, Hamburg

Talk & Discussion "From Mission Orientation to Innovation Portfolios: How Do Administrations and Policies Drive Transformation?" (in German or English)

Benjamin Kumpf, Head of Innovation Team at the Development Coordination Centre OECD Co-founder Mission Action Lab

Talk & Discussion "Labs and Sandboxes: How Do We Test Futures?“

Indy Johar, Founding Director Dark Matter Labs

Coffee Break
Parallel Panel Sessions (including discussion with audience)
Panel 1
 “Steuerung von Politik”

Dr. Ralf Lindner, Competence Center Policy & Society, Fraunhofer ISI

Prof. Patrizia Nanz, Co-Director Deutsch-Französisches Zukunftswerk und
Professorin transformative Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaft Universität Potsdam

Dr. Thomas Koenen, Abteilungsleiter Digitalisierung und Innovation BDI e.V.

Panel 2
 “Experimentierräume und Reallabore”

Prof. Thomas Schildhauer (representing Digital Urban Center for Aging & Health)

Dierk Bauknecht, Senior Researcher of Öko-Institut, Universität Freiburg & ReraGI Regulatorische Experimentierräume für die reflexive und adaptive Governance von Innovationen

Steffi Ober, Initiator & co-spokesperson of the Forschungswende project

Dr. Kai Hielscher, Head of the Reallabor office, BMWi

Lunch Break
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Input „UNESCO Open Science Recommendations – Open Science on a global scale“

Fatma Rebeggiani, Deutsche UNESCO Kommission

  Presenting the Open Data Impact Award 2021
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Case studies of innOsci  initiatives and the innOsci community

Parallel sessions

Input 1
 “Crowd-Tank Politikberatung”

Rethinking methods and structures

Input 2
 “Strategieentwicklung an Hochschulen”

Assessment Tool Road2Opennenss

Input 3
 “Mapping an Open Innovation System”

Analysing the openness innovation system

Input 4
 „Building Communities“

Learning networks, innOpeers and the Berlin Open Science communicators

Coffee Break
Fishbowl Discussion "Policy Circle innOSci - Wie können wir Transformation durch Offenheit gestalten?"

Dr. Volker Meyer-Guckel, Deputy General Secretary of Stifterverband

Prof. Katharina Hölzle, Head of department IT & Entrepreneurship, HPI Universität
Potsdam, member of Hightech-Forum

Dr. Monika Lessl, Head of Bayer Foundation & Corporate Innovation 

Prof. Johannes Vogel, General director, Museum für Naturkunde, Member of

     Farewell and OUTLOOK

Event ends at 17:00