The festival will take place

at the Quadriga Forum in Berlin

from December 14th to 16th, 2021.

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The unknOwn unknOwns – With Open Science and Innovation on to new worlds!

At the innOsci Festival we will go on a discovery tour together and explore new spaces of possibility, potentials and sources for new knowledge on the landscape of the innovation ecosystem and on the way to the future.

During three days at the innOsci Festival ‘The unknOwn unkOwns’, we want to open up new possibility spaces for research and innovation together and across sectors through openness.

The focus is on three main areas:

  • Learn: highlighting good practice from research & innovation, learning about methods & future skills.
  • Design: Creating prototypes & impulses for the application of Open Practices
  • Change: discussing strategies, scenarios & policies of Open Science and Innovation

…as well as four tracks that we cover thematically:

  • Transformation Track: Social innovations and transdisciplinary work.

How can we work together to meet the major challenges of society?
In the Transformation Tracks, we look at topics such as collaboration, changing frameworks and structures, often taking a systemic view. This may involve the transfer of science to business and vice versa, mission-oriented policy, or insights into how sustainable change has been implemented in an organization.

  • Innovation Track: Technical innovations and the application of open innovation methods

How do we come up with solutions to the many problems?
In the Innovation Tracks, we look at how the innovation process should be structured, which approaches to solutions already exist, and which methods help us find solutions. For example, we dive into future scenarios, test models, learn about new techniques or fill out an Innovation Canvas.

  • Culture Track: Open Mindset und new open work culture

How do we foster an open mindset and work culture?
Through the Culture Tracks, we want to learn how to challenge habits, assumptions and ways of working in order to initiate change. From the individual to the organisation, it’s about, for example, how to uncover unconscious processes, how to foster a culture of error, or how turning your own business model upside down promotes flexibility.

  • Data Track: Data-driven innovation and the sharing and repurposing of data.

How do we use data for the benefit of all?
The Data Tracks are particularly dedicated to the challenge of sharing data despite additional efforts and legal restrictions. We will take a look at the skills needed to handle data, how ethical principles can be taken into account, and learn about some good examples in the context of the Open Data Impact Awards.

„If we had better anticipated the health crisis, would its consequences have been so disastrous? Why, if the risk had already been identified, was the world not better prepared? How can we plan for an uncertain tomorrow? By imagining it. By anticipating it, rather than enduring it. Faced with contemporary challenges, we need to be inventive – and that’s what futures literacy is all about.“

Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General

The festival is aimed at all Open Science and Open Innovation pioneers – doers, multipliers and decision-makers – as well as those who want to become them. They come from the sectors of science, business, politics and civil society.

innOsci, the Forum Open Innovation Culture, is a network of people who are active in new innovation cultures. It tests the potentials, but also the limits of an Open Innovation Culture and derives instruments for implementation in organizations and recommendations for politics, science and business from joint discussions and experiences of the Community of Practice.


Here you can download the pitch deck for the innOsci Festival. (In German) pdf (1.2 MB)
  • Workshop Day - learn

    To be able to anticipate the unknOwn unknOwns and shape new worlds with Open Science and Innovation, you need a mindset, skillset and toolset – on Workshop Day, we want to take a close look at all three in interactive formats. In crisp and interactive workshop formats, we will give all those who want to learn something new impulses for their own practice.

  • Prototype Day - Design

    On the Prototype Day, we would like to work on concrete issues with the help of practitioners and develop and test solutions together with representatives from different sectors in a curated process. The Prototype Day is aimed at all those who want to create something concrete. The goal is for the participants to come up with a result that is easy to communicate and with which they can continue to work.


  • Policy Day - Change

    On Policy Day, we would like to discuss political developments and necessary action recommendations. For this purpose, we organise panel discussions, roundtables and insights with representatives from politics, science, business and civil society.

  • Habour of the Pioneers

    At the Habour of the Pioneers, you can get inspired by experienced openness practitioners before you venture out on your next openness journey. Whether it’s research projects on Open Science, Open Innovation, new strategies or forms of organization, management approaches or infrastructures, or projects that practice Openness directly: here you will find knowledge and experiences that can help you on your journey.

    You will get inspiration about existing projects in Spotlights Sessions presented at the Workshop and Policy Day. Additionally, on Workshop Day and Policy Day you will have the opportunity to get in touch with more experienced openness practitioners, exchange ideas and plan your next expedition together.


  • Kaja Niemann
    Project Manager