14.12. – 16.12.2021
The unknOwn unknOwns Festival

The unknOwn unknOwns – With Open Science and Innovation towards new worlds!

The festival is aimed at all Open Science and Open Innovation pioneers – doers, multipliers and decision-makers – as well as those who want to become one. We will go on a discovery tour together and explore potentials and sources for new knowledge on the map of the innovation ecosystem and on the way to the future. During these three days, we want to open up new spaces of opportunity for research and innovation through openness across sectors and learn, change and shape together.

Program Items

Our programme

Tue, 14.12.2021

Workshop Day

Discover good practice from research & innovation, learn about methods & future skills.
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Wed, 15.12.2021

Prototype Day

Develop prototypes & impulses for the application of Open Practices
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Thu, 16.12.2021

Policy Day

Discuss strategies, scenarios & policies of Open Science and Innovation
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„If we had better anticipated the health crisis, would its consequences have been so disastrous? Why, if the risk had already been identified, was the world not better prepared? How can we plan for an uncertain tomorrow? By imagining it. By anticipating it, rather than enduring it. Faced with contemporary challenges, we need to be inventive – and that’s what futures literacy is all about.“

Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General
  • Kaja Niemann
    Project Manager