Mission Statement for Openness innOmap Workshop

How can we make the German innovation system more open?

Involving different actors and perspectives, we map the openness of the German innovation system. Based on this, we identify levers for a change towards more openness in Germany.
Duration: June 2020 - March 2021


The German innovation system is complex and inert: Numerous actors and relationships between science and industry, established structures in administration or incentive systems that are difficult to break through make it difficult to bring about positive changes and to assess the effects of funding measures and the like. Therefore, we first need a comprehensive understanding and mapping of the impact mechanisms in the system in order to then identify promising levers for a positive transformation in a next step and formulate a mission statement for openness in the innovation system.


– Promote knowledge exchange between actors and integrate different perspectives
– Identify and visualize interactions between system factors and issues
– Create a common understanding of the situation and effects of the German innovation system
– Formulate a mission statement with proposals for future measures and programs for an open innovation system, based on the previously gained systemic insights

Method and procedure

Using a systemic approach, we first surveyed the current state in 2020 with a focus on the current challenges and preconditions for opening up the German innovation system. For this purpose, we drew on existing studies and involved more than 50 actors from business, science, politics and civil society in a multi-stage process through qualitative interviews and workshops.

The first key result was an interactive systems map, which maps the interrelationships of the innovation system and makes its complexity understandable (see embedded map below). On the overview page of the map (only in German) you will find a video recording of our event from 27.11.20 and the link to a presentation — both give you an introduction to the map. The next step is to derive recommendations for action to promote openness will now be derived and transferred into a “Mission Statement for Openness”.