ınnOsci multi-stakeholder experimental space

We, innOsci, the Forum for Open Innovation Culture at the Stifterverband, support the development of multi-stakeholder approaches that aim to actively involve as many diverse stakeholders from all sectors as possible in design and development processes from the very beginning. Co-design and Co-creation formats are ways to shape such multi-stakeholder approaches. We are convinced that more creative and innovative ideas emerge when working together in participatory and collaborative Co-Design formats.

Our interest in innOsci is to “explore” together with practitioners in cross-sectoral formats – more practically with innovation methods than academically – which approaches for multi-stakeholder or Co-Design formats already exist, what works well, which obstacles exist and where are challenges that need to be rethought and redesigned on the systemic level?
From the joint work we want to draw conclusions and formulate recommendations for action for policy makers from politics and practice, so that the framework conditions for Open Innovation can improve and social impact can be developed.