Together with the community, innOsci works on the most current issues related to openness in the science and innovation ecosystem and funds relevant projects. Learn more about our current eight programs.

Current Programs


Together with a team of Open Science experts and in cooperation with the RWTH Aachen, the University of Potsdam and the EAH-Jena, an assessment tool was developed as part of the pilot project "Road2Openness", which records current Open Science activities at universities and supports them with recommendations for action for a strategic opening and organizational development in the area of Open Science.

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In order to uncover relevant topics in the field of open innovation culture and open practices and to develop innovative solutions, we bring experts, practitioners and policy makers together for intensive collaboration in innovation squads.

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Openness Analysis of the Innovation System

How can we make the German innovation system more open?

Involving different actors and perspectives, we mapped the openness of the German innovation system. Based on this, we identified levers for a change towards more openness in Germany.

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ınnOpeers learning network

Through a peer-to-peer programme, we connect innovation managers from organizations across all sectors to share experiences and work with established innovation researchers to develop new ideas and formats, and to make recommendations to policymakers.

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ınnOscı Open Data Impact Award

The Stifterverband initiated the Open Data Impact Award within the framework of innOsci to honour researchers who enabled innovation for all by disclosing their research data.

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ınnOsci multi-stakeholder experimental space

We, innOsci, the Forum for Open Innovation Culture at the Stifterverband, support the development of multi-stakeholder approaches that aim to actively involve as many diverse stakeholders from all sectors as possible in design and development processes from the very beginning. Co-design and Co-creation formats are ways to shape such multi-stakeholder approaches. We are convinced that more creative and innovative ideas emerge when working together in participatory and collaborative Co-Design formats.

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Completed Programs

Fellow Program Free Knowledge

In a program initiated jointly by Wikimedia Deutschland, the Volkswagen Foundation and the Stifterverband, doctoral students, post-docs and junior professors are supported in the open design of their research processes and thus become ambassadors for Open Science. With the program year 2020/21, Wikimedia Deutschland will become the sole sponsor, and we will continue to support it as partners.

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ınnOscı Future Lab

As part of the innOsci Forum for Open Innovation Culture, the Stifterverband was taking up the challenge of strengthening open approaches and their pioneers. Twelve fellows participated in the innOsci Future Lab and contributed their expertise to the design team of a policy innovation lab. The Lab's topic was: Open Practices in higher education: How can we support open pioneers to develop broad impact in their institutions to strengthen the societal impact of science?

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Hochschulperle Open Science

Hochschulperlen are exemplary projects at universities. Every month, the Stifterverband awards a Hochschulperlel. In 2020, we were the theme sponsor and the award went to innovative projects in the field of Open Science.

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