The world of a new Open Innovation Culture offers a rich set of tools, for co-creation, teamwork and knowledge transfer. Here are a couple of inspirations for the Openness toolbox.


Toolkit Navigator from OPSI

The handbook gathers toolkits for innovation and transformation in public and society, compiled by the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation and partners worldwide.


Public Design – Handbook for Innovative Work in Administration

This book provides the tools for people working in or with public administrations and organizations so that they can carry out innovation processes independently and without external help.



This book contains over 80 Co-Creation tools for workshops, collaboration and teamwork, inspired by the world’s leading innovation teams.


Co-Creation Skills & Training

Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the CO-CREATE project provides an entire curriculum for learning Co-Design Skills.


Innovation Ecosystem Strategy Tool

The strategy tool of the Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI) helps with an initial examination of one’s own innovation ecosystem and enables reflection on the actors, their roles , as well as the resources and benefits behind a collaboration.



The toolboxtoolbox contains a compilation of various toolboxes for business, design and organizational change.


I2S Ressourcen Australian National University

The Integration and Implementation Sciences Toolbox at the Australian National University was created to help researchers tackle complex challenges.


The Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure

POSI offers a set of guidelines by which open scholarly infrastructure organisations and initiatives that support the research community can be run and sustained.

5-Star Data

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web and initiator of Linked Data proposed a 5-star model for Open Data. On this website there are examples for each level and explanations with associated costs and benefits.


System Mapping Toolkit

The System Mapping Toolkit is designed for everyone who works with and within complex systems. The toolkit provides background information to learn about systems thinking, its approach, and its language.


Top Factor

Journal policies can be evaluated based on the degree to which they comply with the TOP Guidelines. This TOP Factor is a metric that reports the steps that a journal is taking to implement open science practices, practices that are based on the core principles of the scientific community. It is an alternative way to assess journal qualities, and is an improvement over traditional metrics that measure mean citation rates.


Self-assessment tool in the field of Open Science

The web-based questionnaire “Road2Openness” supports universities in recording their Open Science activities and is available free of charge as an open source version since April 2022. . As an evaluation, the user receives further recommendations for action for a strategic opening and organizational development in the area of Open Science.

Trello Board

Collective Intelligence Tools

This Trello board gathers tools, databases, platforms, games, information and exchange forums for Co-Creation and knowledge sharing.