Openness in times of Corona

Times of crisis often also provide opportunities for change. For example, the impact of the Corona pandemic is not only transforming the way we interact with each other – suddenly everything is so digital here! – but also the entire science system. From the way data is shared and research is networked globally, to more intensive science communication to citizens, to the inclusion of society and politics in research and innovation processes – the Corona crisis makes Open Practices more relevant than ever.


COVID-19 research community

The Berlin-based start-up ResearchGate is creating a platform for scientists to network globally with their Corona-related expertise. The COVID-19 research community aims to share knowledge and connect potential collaborators to work together to contain the pandemic as quickly and effectively as possible.


Openness on the net

Open Practices are becoming more and more important, and are already present in many areas. We present here interesting approaches from around the world.


Open Economics: Study on Open Science Principles and Practice in Economics.

A study by the ZBW shows that there is broad support for the principles of Open Science in economics. However, the implementation of Open Science is still expandable on a broad scale and there is a high need for support regarding Open Science practices.


Paywalls block scientific progress. Research should be open to everyone

Academic and scientific research should be accessible to all, but many platforms still hide behind paywalls. And that is a hindrance to scientific progress.