The Open Science and Innovation ecosystem is complex and diverse – here are a few explanations of terms:

  • Open by Design

    Strategic Opening or Open by Design (strategic level) means the conscious consideration of the integration or outflow of knowledge along the value creation process. It takes into account and explores opportunities and potentials as well as boundaries and safe spaces in equal measure.

    Strategic Opening includes the creation of incentives, competencies, strategies, structures and processes and is based on an open culture.

  • Open Practices

    Open Practices (operational level) includes the types and methods by which openness can be practiced.

  • Openness

    Openness stands for a mindset that can be understood as a kind of attitude and way of thinking similar to “agile”. It describes the opening of organizations to knowledge providers – both the opening of an organization from the outside in and from the inside out along the value creation process. An open culture sees it as a matter of course to integrate actors from or with different sectors and backgrounds from early to late phases in the value creation process. In this way, it is also easier to take social challenges into account when applying research, products, etc.

    Openness takes place on an individual and organizational level.

    This results in certain actions on a strategic and operational level.