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Generation O – scaling open practices in Higher Education: How can we help «open-pioneers», «-innovators», and «-activists» change the Higher Education System?

The innOsci FutureLab Program by Stifterverband works with multidisciplinary teams and utilizes innovation methods to develop solutions for the most pressings challenges in Education, Science and Innovation. In the presentation I will discuss best practices and approaches for designing strategies, support structures, and processes for implementing and scaling open practices in Higher Education and strengthening Generation O (open-pioneers, -innovators, and -activist). I will introduce innovation methodologies such as personas, empathy maps, cover stories, and prototypes and show ways how they could be utilized for systemic change. Finally, I will reflect on ways how open practices can be strengthened to become a powerful tool to make research and science more accessible in all arenas in society.

Policy Paper (in German)

Daring more openness

The recommendations presented in the paper show how policy can strengthen the application of Open Innovation methods in companies. They are the result of a dialog conducted by the Stifterverband as part of our innOpeers program with corporate practitioners and innovation researchers on success factors and barriers to the implementation of Open Innovation.

Discussion Paper (In German)

Open Science and Innovation

The number of researchers has never been as large as it is today. There have never been more scientific publications – with an upward trend. However, many scientific findings remain unnoticed and unused by society. With this paper, the High-Tech Forum emphasizes the opportunities of a strategic opening for the German innovation system.


We have collected interesting approaches from around the world on the topics of openness and openness in times of Corona .


The world of a new Open Innovation Culture offers a rich set of tools, for co-creation, teamwork and knowledge transfer. Here are a couple of inspirations for the Openness toolbox.

Atlas Open Practices

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