The Open Science and innovation ecosystem is complex and diverse. On our glossary page, we explain some important terms.


Recent publications

Framework Future Skills for Openness

Framework Future Skills for Openness

In this paper, we focus on the question of which mindset, skills and tools academics in business (Open Innovation) and science (Open Science) as well as in their working environments in companies, universities and research institutions need, in order to promote an openness culture. We would like to shed light on which competences organisations can promote so that people in the above-mentioned institutions can successfully (co-) create the desired change towards more openness.

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The flyer Driving Openness gives a short and crisp overview of the central terms and principles of openness. Besides the what, it also summarizes why openness makes sense and how it can be implemented.

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Discussion paper & Toolkit

Open Circular Science / How to make your research process open and sustainable

The discussion paper presents Open Circular Science as an approach to strengthen openness and sustainability in research projects. A toolkit makes it possible to analyse one’s own research process with regard to the potential for openness and to identify potential for designing resource-conserving, environmentally and climate-friendly research.

Openness radar

We have collected interesting approaches from around the world on the topics of openness and openness in times of Corona .


The world of a new Open Innovation Culture offers a rich set of tools, for co-creation, teamwork and knowledge transfer. Here are a couple of inspirations for the Openness toolbox.

Atlas Open Practices

Looking for new sources of knowledge and inspiration for open practices?

Find what you’re looking for – on our map for open science and innovation: