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COVID, climate change, species extinction, populism… What approaches do we have to adequately address the complexity of the challenges we are currently facing? While the data-based sciences rely on Big Data, the analysis of huge amounts of data, in order to counteract our uncertainty through more precise predictions, the author and filmmaker Nora Bateson has developed Warm Data, a concept trained in the systemic thinking of her father Gregory Bateson, which considers perceptions and information in their respective contexts and relates them to each other. The webinar introduces the concept and the Warm Data Labs practice developed from it

About the speaker:
Torben Lohmüller has been a partner at Dark Horse Innovation in Berlin since 2018, where he advises organizations primarily in the areas of New Work and New Leadership. In addition, he is engaged in systemic approaches to innovation, especially with regard to circular and regenerative design strategies. Prior to his training as a systemic consultant and coach, he worked as a cultural and literary scientist, among other things.

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