ınnOskills – Agile innovation management with Scrum

Every first Thursday of the month we want to go on a search for exciting methods, formats or examples to answer the question “what does it actually take on a personal and organizational level to practice Open Innovation and Open Science? The first topics have already been determined, you can find them in our overview below.

If you have any topic requests or would like to offer a topic yourself, please feel free to contact us at Wiebke.hoffmann@stifterverband.de or svenja.ruehland@stifterverband.de.

We are looking forward to seeing you! Cordially, your innOsci Team

Scrum is a methodology that was originally developed to foster agile innovation among digital product teams and, accordingly, is still often considered a tool for software development. However, Scrum’s potential is not limited to this – non-IT teams can also use Scrum to respond faster, more flexibly and more innovatively to the challenges of an increasingly digitalized world. In the webinar, we will learn about the Scrum framework as well as discuss use cases for non-IT teams. There will also be space, if needed, to explore together the potential of Scrum for their field.

About Silja

For the past 5 years, I have been working with AMBOSS to provide physicians* with medical knowledge in a digital, guideline-driven, and actionable way. Originally starting as a medical editor, I have become increasingly involved in organizational development as the start-up has grown rapidly. Today, I am responsible, among other things, for (further) developing the processes in our editorial department that ensure agility and customer orientation in product development. The Scrum framework plays an important role in this and is an integral part of our editorial work.