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06.05.2021 Theory U – More than a change process

Theory U is much more than a change management method, it has become the foundation of a global movement for people who want to create and implement social, societal and political change. Theory U offers a contemporary process with principles and practical methods that invite people to make decisions for a better future out of deep understanding, connection and compassion, as well as to overcome blind spots in the problem and solution. Prof. C. Otto Scharmer, who teaches at MIT in Boston, integrated in Theory U, action research, organizational learning, design thinking, mindfullness, and cognitive science, as well as civil society movements that are, for example, in the tradition of Martin. L. King and Mahatma Gandhi.

In the format I would like to go into more detail about the U-process with its 5 stages and the associated “presencing”. This process-own word connects “presence” and “sensing”. What is meant is the overcoming of old patterns and the sensing of the good future coming into being.

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Diemut Bartl

is an experienced design thinker, trainer, consultant with a background in product design and systematic coaching. She is co-founder of the innovation agency Dark Horse.

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