Future Lab Strategy Dialog

Creating added value for society with open science: Needs and Options for Action from the Perspective of Open Innovators and Users.

The Future Lab Strategy Dialog will present key findings from the innOsci Future Lab/Open Practices at Universities program to date. In two sprint weeks, a design team of Open Innovators and users has worked out what hinders a further anchoring of Open Science at universities and which initial approaches to solving this problem are conceivable.


  • Presentation of relevant stakeholders and their perspectives on Open Science
  • Discussion of key insights from the analysis phase
  • Presentation and discussion of first strategic conclusions and prototypical solutions to strengthen Open Science
  • Derivation of next steps for the program work and first science policy recommendations

innOsci and the design team look forward to receiving feedback from our previous interview partners, companions, and colleagues at the Stifterverband. Together, we would like to enter into a dialogue with you on strategic derivations for program work and initial science policy recommendations.


Open science can create added value for society beyond the current level. Open innovators play a key role in establishing open practices and cultures in science institutions. However, their goals and knowledge have so far been insufficiently taken into account in policy making.

With the innOsci Future Lab, we aim to increase the visibility of open innovators and their concerns. By developing solutions for typical problems, the working conditions and the broad impact of these drivers of change processes at scientific institutions are to be improved in the long term.