Open Science Slam Berlin


There is a widespread assumption that science must be exclusively factual and dry. But science slams show that science can also be informative and entertaining at the same time: Edutainment (for those who don’t believe this, here’s a study on it: Niemann et al, 2020:

The COVID19 pandemic has shown how important Open Science is – open in terms of data and publications, but also in terms of accessible forms of science communication. The same is true for many other current challenges, such as climate change.

innOsci wants to bring both aspects together, and invites you to the OPEN-SCIENCE SLAM. The slam is supported by our friends at the Wikimedia Fellowship Free Knowledge, and features a series of short and entertaining presentations by the Fellows and Alumni of the program and other researchers from a wide range of scientific disciplines. All presenters have 10 minutes each and can use anything: Slides, experiments, music, and whatever else they can think of. The audience is the jury and chooses a winner at the end.

The slam evening will take place as part of the Berlin Science Week, and will be streamed live from the knowledge bar “Goddess of Wisdom”.

LOOK IN & get “edutainen”!