Climate Futures - Images of Uncertainty (EN)

Climate Futures – Images of Uncertainty is a dive-in talk aimed to engage people in how data shapes our world, especially within the ambiguity of climate futures, and decision making. In this presentation, we provide an outline for people to reflect on how we conceive uncertainty, a term politically inflected and socially produced that is constantly present when dealing with data, archives, algorithms, and future-making.

The work is informed by both of our research and cases which acknowledge that notions of uncertainty go beyond the binaries, and are shaped by culture, the sensorial, and bodily knowledge. We will discuss such notions often get dismissed as part animism, part superstition, and part ignorance, but what if they are about alternative imaginaries?

By bringing attention to unequal power relations that obscure contending narratives, possible alliances, and how we are building the foundations for what is to come, here and now.

Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Research Manager, Österreichishe Akademie der Wissenschaften
Aleyda Rocha, Exploration Space, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften