Call for entries for the innOpeers Co-Design Challenge

For the challenges of tomorrow, we need new collaboration approaches to test new ways in science and innovation together, on an equal footing and in an agile way, and to enable experiences with open economy and science (e.g. Co-design and Co-creation).

For the innOpeers Co-Design Challenge, we are looking for innovation managers to work in interdisciplinary co-design teams to develop solution approaches for 3 challenges and boldly develop new ideas for intersectoral collaboration with us.

The deadline for applications was February 10.


Become part of the innOpeers Co-Design Challenge:

  • Harnessing the Potential of Open Innovation
  • Work on current issues in interdisciplinary teams
  • Expand personal development and networks
  • Set impulses for others and politics

Innovation factor Co-design

The major challenges facing society, such as climate change or health, and the associated industrial transformation in terms of sustainability and digitization, among other things, cannot be tackled by individual players acting alone. Instead, science, business, government and civil society must work together to find solutions that leverage existing knowledge, strengthen people’s trust and enable future value creation. To develop these solutions, new collaboration approaches are needed to test new ways in science and innovation together, at eye level and in an agile way, and to enable experiences with open economy and science (e.g. Co-design and C-creation).

We, innOsci, the Forum for Open Innovation Culture at Stifterverband support the development of multi-stakeholder approaches that aim to actively involve as many, diverse stakeholders from all sectors as possible in design and development processes from the very beginning. Co-design and Co-creation formats are ways to shape such multi-stakeholder approaches. We are convinced that more creative and innovative ideas emerge when working together in participatory and collaborative Co-design formats.

You can read more about this idea in our policy paper “Mehr Openness wagen“, which was developed in the first round of this program in dialogue with business practitioners and innovation researchers.

What is the innOpeers Co-Design Challenge?

We want to develop three Co-design scenarios based on three challenges with three design teams.
Our interest at innOsci is to “explore” together with you in the design teams – more practically with innovation methods than academically – which approaches for multi-stakeholder or Co-design formats already exist, what works well, what obstacles exist, and where are challenges that need to be rethought and redesigned at the systemic level? From the joint work, we want to draw conclusions with you and formulate recommendations for action for policy makers from politics and practice, so that the framework conditions for Open Innovation can improve and social impact can be developed. All participants as well as the program’s team of trainers are invited to participate.

Why should you participate?

As a participant, you will expand your network of innovation stakeholders across industries and sectors. You will gain experience about innovation methods and learn Co-design in a practical application. Through the experience of being part of a multi-stakeholder process yourself and through the valuable coaching offered by experienced trainers/coaches, you will be able to develop personally and build competencies for working in multi-stakeholder processes. Finally, by transferring the results, you contribute to strengthening an open  innovation culture for more added value for society.


We are looking for innovation managers who develop solutions for 3 challenges in interdisciplinary Co-Design teams and boldly develop new ideas for intersectoral collaboration with us.
The design teams will be accompanied by an experienced team of trainers who will provide helpful impulses in workshops and support the design teams in coaching sessions.
The experience gained from this collaboration will be incorporated into a policy paper.
The three target levels of personal development, the development of concrete solutions within the framework of the challenges and the influence on the political framework conditions are equally important, because all three levels are important success factors in our multi-stakeholder processes.

Our topics for the 3 Co-Design Challenges are:
How to design transparency and create trust in multi-stakeholder processes (on a personal level up to organizational and legal frameworks)?
How can competencies for multi-stakeholder processes be developed so that a common understanding succeeds despite different cultures, technical languages and functions?
How can multi-stakeholder processes be designed methodically (finding common topics, gaining knowledge providers)?

The final definition of the challenges will take place after reviewing the applications and during the kick-off together with you. Further details on the program schedule can be found in the attached appendix.

What happens with the results?

The results will be celebrated! And the lessons learned and resulting recommendations for action will be reflected and discussed with you, the community of practice as well as policy makers!
A public presentation of the results will take place in late November/early December 2021 at the planned innOspace festival, where we from innOsci want to present and discuss the innOpeers Co-Design Challenge and further tools of Open Science and Innovation and develop implementation impulses. A scaling or further processing/implementation of the developed concepts through e.g. a hackathon or thinkathon afterwards is not excluded. Here we trust in the process and let us be surprised where we are at the end of the program. Just open!

Ihr Beitrag

Participation in innOpeers is free of charge. Your contribution is openness, commitment and willingness to shape the learning network, in particular:

  • Willingness to engage in intensive exchange over a period of approximately 3 months (for exact workload, see program schedule) Participation in the kick-off meeting on 31.03/01.04. 2021 in Berlin (depending on the current situation, also virtually)
  • Participation in the virtual mountain festival on 12.05.2021
  • Participation in the final event on 21./22. 06.2021 in Berlin
  • Workload per week approx. 3 hours (virtual team sprints and
    coaching sessions)
  • Travel to the events and overnight stay at own expense

Application conditions

Are you an innovation manager with project and team responsibility and a keen interest in the topic of Open Innovation and Co-Design? Then address the following information and questions in your approx. one-page cover letter:

  • Name, address, contact details (private, or that we should use within the program)
  • Name of your organization
  • Your position within the organization
  • Why is the topic of multi-stakeholder approach and Co-Design important for you and
    your organization?
  • Which of the three challenges are you applying for and why?
  • What added value do you expect to gain?