Policy Paper

Daring more openness

The recommendations presented in the paper show how policy can strengthen the application of open innovation methods in companies. They are the result of a dialog conducted by the Stifterverband as part of our innOpeers program with corporate practitioners and innovation researchers on success factors and barriers to the implementation of open innovation.
System Map

An Analysis on the Openness of the German Innovation System

innOsci’s mission is to promote the openness of the German innovation system. In order to understand the current challenges and prerequisites for opening up this system, we conducted an analysis on the current situation and visualized it on a map.
AI is not enough

Human values are needed for the problems of the future

Jacob Friis Sherson believes in the power of hybrid intelligence out of the combination of humans AND AI. It takes the strengths of both to find solutions in our complex world. For him, Citizen Science is the way to create social benefit in a citizen-centric and diverse value system.

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Fri, 18.06.2021 Online

Presentation of the study "Openness in international science and innovation policy

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Thu, 01.07.2021 Online

ınnObeers: monthly Open Science & Open Innovation in Science meetup

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Thu, 01.07.2021 Online

ınnOskills – Agile innovation management with Scrum

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Voice from the community

Openness Scanner

In our new feature, we conduct interviews to explore where science and innovation stand in various fields in terms of their openness level, and what changes are being driven by recent developments, such as the Corona pandemic.
ınnOscı Experts

Know-how from the community

We are launching our new list of experts - with input providers, speakers and moderators in the field of openness. Also an expert? Sign up now!
ınnOscı Community

Neue Community Platform

Our new digital community platform is online! With this we want to create a lively network and an interactive space for exchange, information, discussions and new ideas. We are still in our early stages and look forward to registrations, test users, feedback, wishes and suggestions and, of course, lively participation and joint creation!