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The innOsci project expired on July 31, 2022. The topics of Open Innovation and Open Science will be continued in the program work of the Stiferverband. For more information, please visit For questions or suggestions, the innOsci team will be available for some time at


Future Skills for Openness / A framework for promoting openness in science and and business

In this paper, we focus on the question of which mindset, skills and tools academics in business ( Open Innovation) and science ( Open Science) as well as in their working environments of companies, universities and research institutions need in order to promote a culture of openness. (Only in German)

Open Innovation system/ How can we opening up the German innovation system?

The publication describes five central fields of action – from strengthening a culture of openness to fostering related capacities – to promote an open innovation system in Germany. The workbook deals with possible policies and best practices. It builds upon a system analysis, which was created in the project “innOmap“. Furthermore, the publication introduces personas, who are representing the perspectives of central actors in the innovation system. The workbook thus prompts an exchange about openness in science and economy in Germany. To get a printed version of the study, please contact Judith Mühlenhoff (

Forum for Open Innovation Culture

We bring actors from science and industry together, as well as civil society and politics, to develop instruments and solutions for the joint design of innovations and societal transformation. In this way, we aim to understand overarching factors and cause-effect relationships, and to derive recommendations for the systemic encounter with challenges facing society as a whole.
Voice from the community

Openness Scanner

In our new feature, we conduct interviews to explore where science and innovation stand in various fields in terms of their openness level, and what changes are being driven by recent developments, such as the Corona pandemic.
System Map

An Analysis on the Openness of the German Innovation System

In a multi-stage process with system design methods, we mapped and analysed the openness of the German innovation system with the involvement of over 50 actors from science, business, civil society and politics.

Self-assessment tool for universities

The self-assessment tool "Road2Openness" was developed in collaboration with three selected universities and a team of six experts. It has been available as open source since April 2022 and supports universities in recording their open science activities. As an evaluation, the user receives further recommendations for action for a strategic opening and organizational development in the area of Open Science.